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Saturday, May 1, 2010

what i like

my name is ben and i do not like it.
the other kids in my class have normal names like treesap and lilypad and walkerpage. i am alone.

there are a lot of things i like doing and i would like to make a list:
i catch bees and tie a string to one of their legs and they fly round and round and it is funny.

there are times when i can sit for a fifteen minutes and think about how to beat the supermario

there are seven other kids in my neighbourhood and we think the park at the end of the caldesac is going to blow up so we never go there. my friend rascal has a big basement with a slippery cement floor and we go down there everyday after school and slide around playing hockey in our socks. the thick ones slide better.

i suspect (that is a word my grandmother says a lot), I suspect that if i could climb the tree in rascal's back yard faster than anybody else on my culdesac i would get a prize so i am working on that presently (she says presently, a lot, too)

ok, so that is what i like and am working on at present.

my spanish teacher says that we can have a pen pal in mexico and write emails and i think that is a good idea.

in history we are thinking about our project for the end of the year. we are working together in small groups and it is noisy.

my father sits on the covered porch at his mother's house and tells me that it is a particularly nice thing to do.

i have to go now. i am going to the grocery store with my mom. nos vemos. that is spanish language and it means that i will see you later.


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